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 New M1 Machining facility in houston TX


Who are we:  M1-Machining, first and foremost, is a strong Christian based company that believes a structurally sound foundation in every day life carries over to the professional arena as well.  We are also a full service CNC shop that is continuously pushing the envelope in all areas of manufacturing.  We believe that in this industry we need to push ourselves every day to achieve goals that others don't believe are possible.  We aggressively look at every job  for new and innovative ways to be more efficient with programming, tooling, cutting speeds, and feeds.  We have recently moved into the sporting goods section and have created our website on our 3 key products; the M1 80% AR15 Lower Receiver, M1 80% Universal Jig and the much anticipated M1 80% AR10 DPMS 308 Lower Receiver.


Our Vision:  For 2014 we will aggressively push to bring jobs back to the United States of America.  So many jobs have gone to China especially manufacturing jobs.  This change has left our once great manufacturing cities like Detroit struggling to pick up the pieces.  We are on a quest to show the government and big businesses that we can compete with any country in efficiency and dominate in quality, even when they don't play by the same rules.  We believe that teaching, learning, and mentoring our generation with a proactive outlook rather than a reactive mind set will once again put the United States of America back at the forefront of manufacturing.  Lastly, we are fighting to keep our 2nd Amendment right alive by educating Americans on the history of the 2nd Amendment and the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.  We want to show the citizens of this great country that making your own homemade weapons is your right, and our M1-80% lowers receivers will allow you to do so without breaking your wallet! 


Our Products:  M1-Machining is moving towards manufacturing the 80% lower receiver market known across America.  We are working every day to ensure our product is higher quality, more user- friendly, and economically realistic for our fellow gun enthusiast.  Our M1 80% AR15 and M1 80% AR10 DPMS 308 lower receivers are CNC'd out of 7075-T651 Aerospace aluminum.  Our billet 80% lower receivers are a custom solution to their forged alternatives, and allow us to engineer and design for an aesthetically pleasing, quality lower receiver.  Our facility only uses top quality carbide end mills to ensure we keep tolerances and maintain a high standard for quality.  The M1-80 series lower receivers are second to none in value.


Upcoming News:  We will be launching our new Universal Milling Jig which is truly universal, and with one jig you will be able to complete your M1 80% AR10 and M1 80% AR 15 lower receiver!  Also, please be sure to watch MavTV this coming Fall, as M1-Machining will be featured on the reality TV show "Titan: American Built!"  Check out a teaser at www.americanbuiltmedia.com 



M1-Machining Team
"We don't embrace excuses, we embrace solutions"