The AR 10 is battle rifle developed in America by the innovated firearms designer Eugene Stoner. It is actually the precursor to the more popular AR 15. However the AR 10 is bigger and fires .308 caliber rounds. Not only is it powerful, it is also one of accurate and reliable rifles out there. It is without a doubt an underappreciated classic!

Building an AR 10


An AR 10 isn’t standardized like its close relative the AR 15. What that means is that they will be variations on AR 10 designs and specific parts that will need to be used. AR 10 are split into two main designs the DPMS and the Amaralite. 


The AR 10 80% lower is sometimes referred to as a .308 80% lower. If you go with the 80% lower receiver set up just be aware to make sure all parts for this lower receiver are consistent. In other words, if you go with the DPMS AR 10 80% lower than you can not used parts designed for Armalite (and vice versa).


The only parts on an AR 15 rifle that are compatible with an AR 10 lower receiver are a few smaller components such as springs and parts for the safety. The buffer, and bolt catch can NOT be switched with parts form an AR 15 or even parts from a different AR 10 brand in the case of Armalite. To ensure complete capability make sure to purchase an easy to use AR 10 80% lower jig that will have all the right parts. 


Building an AR 10 is fun and leaves you with a unique and powerful rifle. Despite its immense power, it is still light in weight. Gun enthusiast also love this rifle for its superior accuracy. If you have never tried an AR 10 with an 80% lower receiver you are missing out. It definitely packs a punch!

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