Team M1 takes great pride in fighting to bring manufacturing jobs back to our great nation and prove “American Built” is synonymous with great value and quality. Team M1 strives to provide an elite level of customer service accompanied by the highest quality 80% AR15 lower receivers, 80% AR10 lower receivers and our "Patent Pending" 80% Universal Jig for the “DIY” gun enthusiast. M1 Machining's Universal Jig allows our customers to mill both 80% AR15 lower receivers and 80% AR10 lower receivers with only 1 jig. M1 Machining has also been given a chance to bring awareness of the 80% lower receiver industry on a National level, and with this opportunity comes the ability to show our support of our 2nd amendment rights as Americans. Let’s all join together and show the world “Made in America” is an advantage, not just a slogan!